For everyone who wants to make whiskey.


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For everyone who wants to make whiskey.

ZEMON World's first cast pot still "ZEMON"
Patent No. 6721917


ZEMON World's first cast pot still

ZEMON is a completely new pot still born from the technique of Bonsho of Takaoka copperware.
It was developed by Saburomaru Distillery, the only whiskey distillery in Hokuriku, and Oigo Seisakusho, a master craftsman of Bonsho.

About Zemon

Introducing the features of Zemon,
which has obtained a patent *
as the world's first cast copper-tin alloy pot still
made of copper-tin alloy
containing about 90% copper and about 8% tin.
* Patent No. 6721917

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Major awards

Reiwa 2nd year 36th commendation for raw material industry technology
Highest Award"Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award"

一般財団 素形材センターHPへ

19th Chubu Science and Technology Center Award
"Grand Prize"

公益財団法人 中部科学技術センターHPへ

The 32nd SME Excellent New Technology / New Product Award
General category"Excellence Award"

公益財団法人 りそな中小企業振興財団HPへ

The 7th Toyama Prefecture Manufacturing Award
"Grand Prize"